TIE DOWN STRAPS (Pair) – Snap Hook


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These straps have Snap hooks to the trailer/van

Protect your Pride & Joy with our new Blunt Force Products,Tie Down Straps!

Supplied in a pack of two, our Motorcycle & ATV Tie Down Straps have been made to avoid placing metal ‘S’ hooks onto painted or powder coated parts of your frame. swing arm, foot peg hangers or engine bars.

By simply feeding the integral additional heavy duty webbing loop strap around your handle bars, seat frame or cargo rack and then back down to the hook, you avoid the risk of “hook to machine” damage through direct contact or scuffing.

It also makes it clear when feeding the straps through that there will NOT be any damage to cables or brake & clutch lines and reservoirs.

A must for anyone who secures their machine down on a pick up truck, trailer, in a van or on ferries & trains.

Don’t rely on old oily used and damaged straps or old bits of ropes to secure your pride and joy down, carry your own heavy duty speedy but vehicle friendly straps.

Manufactured from our British Made 1500kg rated Heavy Duty webbing.

ALL our Webbing Products are designed in house & manufactured here in the UK by our BS EN ISO 9001 production team.

ALL our Webbing is Heavy Duty as are ALL of our fittings even down to the highest quality heavy duty Mil-Spec thread used in the assembly of ALL our Webbing Products.

British Made for the highest build quality & strict Quality Control!

Suitable for road & off-road motorcycles, ATV’s, jet-skis and snowmobiles.

Rapid connect to your trailer or van for easy fast operation using our rated hooks which cannot accidentally become unattached regardless of terrain or even if you only partly tension the straps… these really can save your bike.

The clever design at the top end means no hooks or buckles come into contact with your control cables, hoses or wiring, and no hooks to your painted or anodised bars.

Our rated rapid tension buckles mean once you pull to tension, they will not back off or slacken over any distance or terrain.