Performance Camshaft for Twin Balancer KTM 690 / Husqvarna 701


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We’ve seen that more and more over recent years that engine performance / output is heavily controlled by emissions requirements meaning that there is so much more performance available from these engines.  Extracting that performance isn’t that easy but here at LPR we can now offer a performance camshaft that is a direct replacement for the standard cam, giving more lift and duration. This camshaft works with the stock piston and valve train, no modifications required.

The lift of the camshaft was dictated by the maximum lift possible with the standard valve train and the duration was increased slightly to improve performance without significantly impacting the lower end performance characteristics.  It’s a very similar spec to our most popular mid-level camshaft we offer for the single balancer LC4 motor.

*Please Note*: KTM/Husqvarna had some recalls and changes in the early years of production of this engine meaning that the auto-decompressor attachment changed.  This camshaft is currently suitable for the latest and most up to date design with the M5x0.5 thread on the balance weight retainers.  All threads in the cam wheel are M5.  If your camshaft has the earlier circlip or M4 threads, please make sure you have the auto-decompression mechanism from the later design before ordering this camshaft.  Our camshaft does not come with the auto-decompression assembly, you need to either use your existing one or acquire one.

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