Moto-Master Flame MX Rotor 260mm


Moto-Master 260mm Flame rotor is the perfect solution for MX riders looking for more stopping power. Floating type with an aluminium inner carrier and cut with our innovative Flame design. Available for KTM and Husqvarna 2014 and up

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  • Offers a performance gain up to 25% over stock.

  • Lightweight design offers up to 20% in weight savings.

  • Flame design offer optimal cooling and unsurpassed smooth and more predictable braking action, which allows you to brake harder.

  • The rotor features a billet CNC machined aircraft aluminium, black anodized inner ring, ultra-light stainless steel floater setup and a precision grinded, premium stainless steel outer ring.

  • For best performance we recommend using Moto-Master brake pads with the matching pad compound that best suits your type of riding.

  • These oversize discs MUST be used with our adapter bracket in order to relocate the stock brake caliper to the correct position (depending on type of bike).

Series : Flame
Outer Diameter : 260.0 mm
Inner Diameter : 126.5 mm
Thickness : 3.1 mm
Number of holes : 6
Hole diameter : 6.5 mm
Pitch : 143.0 mm
Type : Floating disc with alu inner carrier
Turning direction : Left Side Mount
Speedometer prepared : Yes
Color inner ring : Black


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