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Specialising in adventure motorcycle gear, Enduristan products are engineered for durability and functionality. Preferred for their resilience in extreme conditions, these products have been extensively tested by renowned adventurers like Lyndon Poskitt, ensuring they withstand the toughest environments.


The ethos here really is to try and have all the tools needed for your moto adventures in the smallest and lightest package without carrying stuff you don’t need. The tool kit was put together by Lyndon for his first Dakar and has since been used on his Races to Places travels, for enduro racing, rally racing and adventure riding too. This kit predominantly designed for the euro bikes like KTM, Husky, GasGas etc but will work on most bikes with some minor changes to suit specific bike needs. (Lots of people have bought them with Japanese bikes and just swapped out or added the specific items needed for their bike). It is also available in many options, please select the combination that best suits your adventures.

There are two main versions, one with a number of (but not all) Titanium combination wrenches/spanners. If you like tool porn and appreciate lightweight, this is the one for you and the other comes with steel combination wrenches / spanners – you decide.

We also offer the option for a Leatherman Wave multitool which is highly recommended by Lyndon to compliment this kit, introducing an extremely high quality stainless steel multitool with many features (see link here for more details)

It also comes in two optional tool packs, for the lightweight, pack small adventurer there is the Lyndon OrganiserLyndon Organiser option, this is what Lyndon used for racing. It is a thin lightweight versatile carrying pouch that houses all the contents in a small lightweight package. It is advised that this is carried on the bike or rider away from hard surfaces, so in soft bags or pockets. The alternative is the Enduristan Tool Roll Pack Enduristan Tool Roll Pack which is a Heavy Duty tool pack that Lyndon used on his world travels. This has a little more capacity, a magnetic pad to hold onto parts while you are working and is much heavier duty than the Lyndon Organiser. While it is heavier and more bulky it can be strapped to the bike, placed in hard cases or anywhere for that matter and is unlikely to get warn or damaged.

Here is a basic list of what’s included:

The tool pouch itself, either Lyndon Organiser or Tool Roll Pack
Motion Pro ADV Chain tool – The best and lightest Lyndon has found (we suggest adding a split link for your chain).
Aluminium Motion Pro Axle wrenches 27mm and 32mm which also doubles up to give you 2 small lightweight tyre levers.
Motion Pro T Handle 1/4 Drive which is the basis for 70% of the tools in the kit, providing fast action or leverage as required.
Various 1/4 drive sockets and a bit driver
A large selection of tool bits covering Allen, Torx, Cross heads and flat heads.
Telescopic Magnet tool (for when you drop that one bolt in hard to reach places or valve shim inside your engine)
Spring Puller (can be used to remove tangled wire from your wheels also)
Junior hacksaw blade
Various Field repair products (wire, radiator sealant, metal repair putty, tape and we recommend adding common fuses for your bike)
We don’t include a fork seal cleaner because we strongly recommend using LPR fork sleeves on all bikes to prevent dirt ingress into fork seals (see link: Fork Sleeves).

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with steel wrenches and Lyndon Organiser, with titanium wrenches and Lyndon Organiser, with steel wrenches, leatherman and Lyndon Organiser, with titanium wrenches, leatherman and Lyndon Organiser, with steel wrenches and tool roll, with titanium wrenches and tool roll, with steel wrenches, leatherman and tool roll, with titanium wrenches, leatherman and tool roll

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