LPR Twin ICO / Roadbook Switch Housing with Replaceable Toggle


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This LPR Twin ICO Switch housing / toggle assembly was designed as a budget version of the popular LPR Rally Switch (https://lyndonposkittracing.com/product/lpr-rally-switch).  It is designed to receive (and comes complete with) two black ICO control switches instead of the integrated switches seen on the original LPR Rally Switch.  It also features the ability to house the CEV headlight switch to remove the need to mount it separately on the handlebars / bike.  Finally, the unit is designed with a replaceable toggle unit so if the roadbook toggle switch becomes damaged you can just order a replacement unit to screw in.

Unit includes:

  • Main housing with bar clamp
  • Toggle with pigtail connection (for easy and fast replacement)
  • Toggle wire to wire toggle control to bike
  • 2 x black ICO control switches

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