LPR Nav Tower plates for 2019-2021 KTM/Husky 450 Factory Rally


LPR side-plates for the 2019-2021 Factory Rally 450 Navigation Tower.  Allows installation of the Iritrack unit on the side and other equipment / storage space.

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These stainless side-plates are specially designed to attach directly to the carbon navigation tower and carbon headlight bracket to provide a side mounting solution on the new Factory Rally bike navigation towers.  The right side can be used to mount the latest Marlink Iritrack system used at races such as Dakar Rally, Africa Eco Race and the FIM Cross-Country Championships.  It allows safe and approved mounting of the Iritrack to the navigation tower WITHOUT the need for the €500 Euro remote screen from Marlink. The bracket for the Iritrack (available from Marlink) mounts directly to the LPR plate using pre-drilled holes to ensure correct clearance and accessibility.

The left hand plate provides a mounting solution for other hardware.  We recommend using an Enduristan Fender bag with a Lyndon Organiser inside to carry first aid and safety equipment, tools or spare parts. If the right side is not used for the Marlink device, it can also be used in the same way as the left, creating additional storage.

The side-plates can also be used to mount additional spares to such as levers and other items around the edges. When both fitted, the original space for the Iritrack unit is freed up to store anything else you may wish to put there.  We fit the tow strap, jump leads and a few other little bits in here on the team bikes.

Note: Three holes with M6 nut inserts already exist on the Factory bike nav towers, simply install 3 x M6 rubber isolators (not included) and bolt to the side-plate.  There is just one additional hole required on the headlight bracket and we recommend installing an M5 nut insert and using an M5 rubber isolator in this position (again both not included). All holes on the side-plates are prepositioned and drilled.

This product was approved for access by the FIM officials at the Africa Eco Race and was tested (and crash tested) at the race. Nothing broke or failed so they are now available here.

** Both sides included, Left and Right sides **




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