LPR Heavy Duty 6 Spring Billet Clutch – Extra Plates with Ring Gear


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Heavy duty, strong and reliable clutch assembly for KTM / Husqvarna LC4 Engine.

Straight clutch, no slipper or torque locking elements, 6 Springs and additional plates, as used for racing and tested heavily in high performance LC4 engines in all kinds of sports from Rally to road racing, even high-demand sidecar racing.  Designed specifically to add strength and increase durability and longevity.  Tested on Races to Places for over 140,000km without even changing the plates.  Must be fitted in conjunction with our 2-piece clutch cover (listed separately) due to additional plates and increased size.

This listing includes the gear ring so it is a complete assembly.  Please note it is silver and not black.

  • Outer Basket
  • Inner Hub
  • Pressure Plate with bearing
  • Steel Clutch Plates
  • Friction Plates
  • Stop Disks for mounting inner hub
  • Anti-Vibration Assembly
  • Springs, Bolts and Caps

*PLEASE NOTE*: You must install our 2-piece clutch cover with increased volume to allow this clutch to be used.


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