LPR 2-Piece Clutch Cover for LC4 Engine



This clutch cover (inner and outer) fits directly onto any LC4 Engine (690 Enduro/SM/Duke, 701 Enduro/SM, 690 Rally etc) and allows easy access to the clutch via a removable external cover plate.  Almost all competition bikes come with a clutch access panel, as did the 690 Factory Rally bike. This clutch cover also allows for the installation of the larger and stronger LPR 6-spring billet clutch (listed separately).

Fitment: Upto 2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro and upto 2018 KTM 690 Enduro

If you have a 2018 onwards 701 or a 2019 onwards 690 KTM please contact us first as there is a small change to the intermediate cover and it requires a different part.  

Please select correct variation from the options available:

  • Inner clutch cover only, ready to accept outer cover (no outer cover / access cover included)
  • Inner clutch cover + Billet cover with KTM Racing Logo
  • Inner clutch cover + Billet cover with Husky Factory Racing Logo
  • Inner clutch cover + Billet cover with LPR Logo
  • Inner clutch cover + Used KTM Factory Rally
  • Inner clutch cover + LPR / Nova Racing / 774 Clutch Cover

If unsure, please use the contact form to contact us before you place your order.

Additional information

Weight4 kg

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