Enduristan ROK 1400 Straps


Enduristan ROK 1400 Straps

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Enduristan ROK 1400 Straps

ROKstraps are widely recognised as being the most rugged and durable luggage straps money can buy.

Because of their use of rubber elements as part of the straps construction, ROKstraps are the strongest tie-down straps available today.

Enduristan worked with the guys at ROKstraps to enhance their product for use with adventure and enduro bikes.

The result is the Enduristan ROK 1400 straps, which uses exclusively the Enduristan family buckles, an extremely robust buckle designed to take all the strain enduro motorcycling and two wheeled travel can throw at it.

The strap design is also optimised for use on racks with thin slots increasing its applications where over-wide straps won’t work.

Enduristan ROKstraps are heavy duty stretch straps with a flat shape which minimises pressure and prevents curling.

The core is 100% natural rubber for elasticity and tear resistance above 100kg.

The rubber is then braided with polyester for superior UV and wear resistance.

All Enduristan products use the Enduristan “Family Buckles” for maximum combinability.

The straps will work on their own with any luggage, but the buckles can also be used to fasten directly to various pre-attached buckles on all Enduristan dry bags, tail packs and tank bags.


Adjustment range: 40-140 cm (0.4 – 1.4 Metres)

Strap width: 2.5cm

Pack Contains: 2 x ROK 1400 straps

Aplications: Can be used with any luggage or specifically with all Enduristan products.

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