Doubletake Arm 3.5″ (ARM3.5)


  • The 3.5 Arm gives better visibility and folds farther into centre than the short arm.
  • For a longer version check out the 6.0Arm

This is for one arm only

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Known for its innovative mirror solutions for adventure motorcycles, Doubletake mirrors are built to endure the vibrations and harsh conditions of off-road riding. The robust construction and versatile mounting options make them a favorite among riders who demand reliability and functionality.


Doubletake’s new 3.5″/90mm arm.

Technical spec

  • Length eye to eye: 3.5″ (90mm)
  • Length overall: 4.5″ (115mm)
  • Arm weight (Grams): 70 grams
  • Material: A380 Die Cast aluminumBetter hold, less effort. The whole system has been engineered together to keep the mirror from moving, except when it has to in an impact.


    Radial Ridges. The clamping surface at the base has radial ridges to hold the ball more securely. These ridges prevent the arm from unintentionally rotating relative to the base, but without mechanical interference that could be damaged under impact.


    Asymetrical Clamping. Because the ball diameters are different, the clamp is located off-center toward the mirror. The larger base diameter creates more stiffness at the bottom, and the offset clamp grips the mirror tighter to equalize rigidity.


    Easy Adjustment. Our low profile thumb nut is 25% longer to make adjustment easy even wearing gloves.  Perfect for aggressive riders- long enough to see, but small enough to tuck away.


    Compatible. Mirror end 1″ socket works with any 1″ ball accessory (GPS, Camera, etc)

This is for one arm only

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