Carbon Frame Protection for 2019-2021 Factory 450 Rally


The is the carbon frame protection as used by the Factory Rally teams on the 2019-2021 Factory 450 Rally.

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Carbon Frame protection for the 2019-2021 450 Factory Rally.  Anyone with this bike will know that the frame now sits on the outside of the swing arm and as a result the paint is rubbed from the frame very easily by the riders boots.  This makes the bike look old and used earlier than it should.  This part prevents the paint being damaged on the frame and keeps the bike looking great. As used by the Factory Rally teams on the 2019-2021 KTM and Husqvarna 450 Rally.

We tested these parts thoroughly at the Africa Eco Race 2020 and didn’t loose one.  They are perfectly moulded to the shape of the frame so a little double sided padded tape and they are set. Carbon fibre, designed and layered to last.

This item includes a pair of frame guards for both sides of the frame.


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