AXP – AX1453 – ENDURO SKID PLATE KTM 450EXCF / 450XCFW / 500EXCF ( 2017 – 2023 ) – ORANGE


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AXP stands out for its robust protective equipment and accessories, crucial for off-road and adventure riding. Each product is tested under the harshest conditions to ensure they offer maximum protection and durability, aligning with Lyndon Poskitt's high standards.


KTM 450 / 500EXCF / XCFW Skid plate. Weight : 0.75 Kg. The HPDE plastic skid plate is dedicated to motocross, supercross and classic enduro use. Made from 6mm thick polyethylene, it covers the underside of the frame, protects the lower engine and crankcases from projections. Unlike aluminum, HDPE absorbs impact, does not undergo deformation, does not generate vibrations and is 40% lighter. An engine skid plate is a consumable, so the products are only guaranteed in the event of premature breakage of the product.  This model fits on KTM 450EXCF – 500EXCF – 500XCFW only. WARNING this reference is not compatible for all years.

KTM 450EXCF 2017
KTM 450EXCF 2018
KTM 450EXCF 2019
KTM 450EXCF 2020
KTM 450EXCF 2021
KTM 450EXCF 2022
KTM 500EXCF 2017
KTM 500EXCF 2018
KTM 500EXCF 2019
KTM 500EXCF 2020
KTM 500EXCF 2021
KTM 500EXCF 2022
KTM 500XCFW 2017
KTM 500XCFW 2018
KTM 500XCFW 2019
KTM 500XCFW 2020
KTM 500XCFW 2021
KTM 500XCFW 2022
KTM 450EXCF 2023
KTM 500EXCF 2023
KTM 500XCFW 2023

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