Starting in Marrakech, we will ride any kind of terrain imaginable, from those classic Moroccan Dakar trails, as well as the forgotten ones, where almost no tourist ever comes. From rocky mountain trails, dry riverbeds, sand dunes or river crossings, technical and fast sections, passing oasis, pueda, canyons and stunning scenery. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you.


When riding in remote areas , safety is our main focus. Every bike will be equipped with the RallyComp device that allows waypoint validation, speed zones, safety waypoints as well as real time tracking over satellite. Rally Comp also allows communication between the bike and the tracker. The pilot can communicate if he has a technical problem, if he suffered a crash, or if he needs assistance. Should a pilot get off course too much, then the tracker can send a message with the correct waypoint to open on the Rally Comp to get the rider back on the roadbook. A sufficient number of waypoints will be inserted in the roadbook so that you regularly get confirmation you are on the right track. Every bike will also have a gps installed as a backup and we will provide you the .gpx track and waypoints in case you want to use the gps to get back on the roadbook. A medical first responder will be following the group in the support 4×4.


We have prepared and pre run all our roadbooks ourselves. The roadbooks are FIM spec in coloring and icons, so it is imperative the rider knows the icons and understands them. We will provide you beforehand with that information. There will be evening briefings to analyze the events of the past day and comment on the roadbook of the following day.

Physical condition requirements

If you choose the full 2-week rally simulation you need to have a good condition and have the endurance necessary to tackle some serious riding every day. For the one-week experience it is still advised to be in good shape as we are still riding in demanding terrain, but there are some shortcuts possible for the riders, should they need them. Still, these are long days in terrain that needs to be respected, so do not underestimate this. Being in good physical condition is also important for safety reasons.


Hotels: Where possible, we will stay in 4* hotels. We are not going Malle moto as a general rule, and we want our riders to have a comfortable room. When we stay in remote places we may not have access to 4* hotels and will have to adapt. For some stages we will organize a bivouac as there are simply no hotels in the area.

Stage info

Stage 1: Marrakech – Taroudant  (311km)

Stage 2: Taroudant – Aguinane   (295 km)

Stage 3: Aguinane – Mhamid  (327 km)

Stage 4: Mhamid – Mhamid  (400km)

Stage 5: Mhamid – Merzouga (295 km)

Stage 6: Merzouga – Merzouga (355km)

Stage 7: Merzouga – Merzouga (266km)

Stage 8: Merzouga – Boutnib (240 km)

Stage 9: Boutnib – Bni Tadjite  (349 km)

Stage 10: Bni Tadjite – Figuig (267km)

Stage 11: Figuig – Ain Benimathar  (312 km)

Stage 12: Ain Benimathar – Oujda  (157km)


The package we have prepared wants you to have no surprises or any hidden costs. The rider just has to fly to Marrakech with his/her own riding gear. The price for 1 week (6 riding days) is 11,900 euros. Included are:

  • Rental of a KTM 450 factory rally 2020/2021, fully prepared and with a set of new Michelin Desert tires and BIB mousses. Depending on riding style, if you wish to have a tire change, that is possible at the following reduced price: front tire 55 euro, rear tire 110 euro, mousse front or rear 100 euro.
  • The RallyComp satellite system is installed on each bike.
  • Mechanical assistance: 2 mechanics will take care of the bikes every day. You don’t need to do any maintenance yourself.
  • Fuel for your bike, oil changes, oil and air filters.
  • Support vehicles: a 4×4 with a trained medical first responder onboard will follow the riders on the trails and a fully equipped vehicle with all the spares will go on the road to be set up and ready when the riders arrive at the end of the stage.
  • Hotel 4* (where available) in full pension, individual room
  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • Insurance 3rd party
  • A gps with the tracks and waypoints as a safety backup will be provided to each rider.
  • Satellite communication: A Garmin InReach will be provided to each rider

What if you damage the bike?

Small scratches from a tip over or insignificant damage will not be brought into account, but obviously, in the unfortunate case of a crash with damage to the bike, it will have to be repaired and that cost will be the responsibility of the rider. We will therefore put a retainer of 3000 euros on your credit card for that.

To express your interest and give us a better idea of your needs, please fill out the form below so we can get in touch. If you can outline your previous riding experience, that’d be really helpful.

This will help us match your expectations to our packages.