Lyndon Poskitt Racing S.L. will make it happen. We offer navigation training, rally camps, Malle Moto training etc., but also less demanding and more relaxed roadbook adventure trips. Our events in Morocco, Spain and Portugal are designed to be able to satisfy the adventure rider as well as the elite rider. Our 6 KTM 450 factory rally 2020/2021 bikes are waiting for you, perfectly prepared, ready to go. And so are our support vehicles with all the spares and tools we need.

Our events offer various packages tailored to your needs and riding skills. We have set up our rides to give you the real Dakar experience.

You will navigate roadbooks that are prepared by us, you will have to validate waypoints and respect speed limit zones, just like in the race. There will be special stages and liaisons. The only difference will be that we are not racing against the clock. We are here to ride, navigate, improve and have fun.


Our Morocco trip is designed to give you the real Dakar rally experience. You can choose between the one week experience or the full 2 week rally simulation. 3600 km, divided in 12 rally stages that will challenge you as much as the Dakar itself. This project is suited for the serious rider, and is the perfect preparation if you want to go to Dakar or the Africa Eco Race. Or if you want to experience Dakar without actually going to the rally, this is as close as you can get. Each rider will start individually, you will have to validate waypoints, respect speed zones and safety waypoints. But this is not just a rally simulation. Under the guidance of Lyndon Poskitt you will have the chance to improve your skills and analyze your stages in the evening and at the end go home a better rally rider. A perfectly prepared KTM 450 factory rally (2020/2021), equipped with the RallyComp satellite system and your name on it is waiting for you.

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We have prepared a full week rally experience in the only official desert area of Europe in the province of Granada and Almería. 1900 km, divided in 6 rally stages that will truly test your skill and endurance. You will fly to Málaga (or Granada) and from there we will reach our destination where we will have a briefing and set up the bikes to your personal needs. We will stay in just one location for the week, so liaisons are reduced to minimum. Our roadbooks will be fully approved by Spanish authorities and will bring you into places where normally you would not be allowed to go.

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A full week, 6 stage rally that wants to bring a real rally experience to the experienced rider with stages that are physically demanding. About 2000 km in total, designed to improve, under the guidance of Lyndon Poskitt, your riding and navigating skills. With lots of sand, woods and trails along the coast you will be amazed by the trails Portugal has to offer.

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To express your interest and give us a better idea of your needs, please fill out the form below so we can get in touch. If you can outline your previous riding experience, that’d be really helpful.

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"Awesome week; I learnt a ton from great people. Everything was perfectly organized - bikes, road books and safety!"
Julius Behrens
"What a week ! A must rally experience and training! I definitely recommend to have a such rally navigation adventure. The team is always there to share and provide advice, always in positiveness. I’ve learned a lot about roadbook navigation, myself and my riding skills. The most important thing is: never give up and keep riding at your own pace. Big thanks to all LPR team to make it possible in this challenging time, and look forward to doing another Ride With Us tour soon :)"
Charles Bourriez


This will help us match your expectations to our packages.

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