Team Races 2 Places – Team Announcement for Africa Eco Race 2020

A quick video announcing the team members that were able to join the team and race the Africa Eco Race in 2020. All friends that I have raced with on Races to Places, individuals that have their own Dakar stories and all racers that had a dream to race to Dakar, Senegal. Please leave a comment if you know any of them, I’m sure they would be stoked to read some comments about being part of this new project.
Please do check out the Kickstarter campaign in the link below, we would like to bring you a 20 minute daily episode live from the race just like I did in Dakar 2018 but this time from the authentic race to Dakar, live from Africa, with more people, more stories and more features. We need your help to fund the media side of the project so please take a moment, check out the rewards available and consider joining the team. It’s time limited and “all or nothing” meaning if we don’t hit the target, we won’t have any budget to make cool media. Thanks to all of you that have already pledged.