Races to Places Special Feature – Lyndon Poskitt & Enduristan

Some of you will know I have been working with Enduristan for sometime now, but you may not know how the relationship came about and the projects we work on together. Here is a short interview with David Jenni, the founder of Enduristan products from Switzerland. I’ve now been working with Enduristan since 2017 and we have developed the Enduristan EVO Pannier, the Lyndon Organiser and Lyndon’s Hurricane Hydro amongst many other things.
Here is a link to a video showing everything I carry and the equipment I use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgVnY5kw5zg
All of the Enduristan products are available on https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/ and I have linked all the specific items that I use on my world travels bewlow.
* Monsoon EVO pannier system: https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-monsoon-evo-pannier-per-side-as-used-on-races-to-places/
* 4H Tankbag: https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-sandstorm-tank-bag-4h-hard-enduro/
* Tornado Packsack 2L: https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-tornado-packsack/
* Fender Bag (on my nav tower): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-fender-bag/
* Large Fender Bag (on each pannier): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-fender-bag-large-2-9l/
* Bottle Holder (on each pannier): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-bottle-holder/
* Can Holster (on each pannier): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-can-holster/
* Hurricane BackPack (I use 25 for long travel, 15 for shorter trips and Hydro for day trips and racing): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product-category/luggage/backpack/
* Rok Srtraps (for various attaching): https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/enduristan-rok-1400-straps/