Races to Places SE15 EP1 – Adventure Motorcycling Documentary Ft. Lyndon Poskitt

WELCOME BACK! Races to Places travel episodes are back and we are heading to Iceland. Before we do though, it was time to prepare the new bike for my travels. It’s no secret that after my incredibly successful journey ‘Races to Places’ I was given the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Husqvarna Motorcycles and join forces with such a prestigious brand for my future projects. It’s a perfect fit, a brand that makes the best Factory Rally bike available, championship winning 2-stroke and 4-stroke off-road motorcycles, an amazingly capable middleweight Adventure bike and a brand name that is over 120 years old, enriched in history and dedication to motorcycle racing and production. As Basil sits in a museum today, taking a well deserved break, I chose to try the new Norden 901 Adventure Motorcycle for my adventure travels. Of course though, before we set off, I wanted to personalise it a little for my riding style and adventure requirements. I hope you enjoy this bike build episode and learn more about the WP Xplor Pro Suspension available for these machines, the setup I chose to use and how you can get similar product from my web-site www.lyndonposkittracing.com/shop
Thanks for watching everyone, thanks for sticking with me and please do leave your comments below. We appreciate your time. Lyndon and Team.
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