Races To Places SE11 EP10 – Adventure Motorcycling Documentary Ft. Lyndon Poskitt

I’d like to dedicate this to Jan Soderlund who is featured within this episode. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his sudden passing soon after my visit. Jan was a great help, he let me use his workshop like it was my own and even went out of his way to get me the bits I needed. Jan was a patron of mine on www.patreon.com/lyndonposkitt so I hope he was able to see this episode when I pre-released it on there a few months ago. Rest easy Jan and thanks for your kind nature and helpfulness to those around you.
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A country with just over 2.5 Million people, Namibia is a real Adventure Riders treat! Remoteness, wildlife and lots of awesome scenery from hills and rocks to sandy riverbeds and dunes.
Finding tyres and a quick stop at Dune Worx in Swakopmund, Namibia for some repairs on Basils clutch and front brake before heading into the remote North West regions of Namibia.
We end with some wise words from me about remote solo travel while sharing some scenery and wildlife from the journey.
This footage was filmed November 2018.
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