Race to Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 2 with Lyndon Poskitt Racing LPR

This is the second episode of Team Races to Places LPR, Race to Dakar 2020 : Africa Eco rally Race. We will follow Lyndon Poskitt, Mike Johnson, Joey Evans, Greg Raaff and Matt Sutherland in their quest to reach the podium in Dakar, Senegal and bring you a daily 20 minutes video of the race, as it unfolds.
In this episode we continue to have a look at the preparations: sorting out clothing, Lyndon´s bike gets completely rebuild and we take a look at suspension, brakes, navigation equipment, wiring, etc… until we can finally hear the voice of Yorkshire Stan, as Lyndon has called his bike.

Editorial note: we noticed that some adds popped up on the video. We are not monitizing these videos, so there should be no adds, but YouTube send a copyright claim and apparently did put the adds on it´s own to pay the royalties of the music. We do have filed a dispute since we paid for the right to use them. so appologies for that. hope it will be sorted out soon.