Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 17 with Lyndon Poskitt

This is the 17th episode of the Race to Dakar 2020: Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places with Lyndon Poskitt Racing.
Finally, the last stage has arrived (sorry for delay, my YouTube channel was hi-jacked): 300 km from St. Louis to the finish in Dakar, Senegal. The timed special stage is only a 22km on the beach for the traditional run home finishing at Lac Rose and will see the first and only mass start of the rally.
But the night before has seen some commotion in the bivouac, after the FIM confirmed one of the front running competitors has been using non FIM approved tires.
Joey is also still missing after having been evacuated by helicopter.
Everybody is hoping that by some miracle he can still make it to the start on the beach and have the whole team on the podium.
The media team also share a glimpse of what their days have been like on the rally, filming, editing, managing hardware and of course covering hundreds of kilometers each day also.
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