Meet the Masters: Lyndon Poskitt at ORMS Cape Town School of Photography

An interview I did about Races to Places with a specific angle on filming and producing a YouTube Travel Documentary while traveling and racing my way around the world. This provides an interesting insight into what it takes and how I go about producing the series Races to Places and some of the special features we have.

The Cinematography department at ORMS Cape Town School of Photography hosts experts from the industry on a weekly basis for a filmed interview where students can learn from these experts, ask questions and make contact. The full-time cinematography programme teaches film in the most practical way possible, looking at the effective use of modern equipment such as GoPros and drones, and focuses on the production of video to be used online, while most other film schools train for the broadcast or film industries. With the strong focus on New Media, and specifically Youtube content, ORMS have been in touch with some very special producers, and recently hosted me for a great chat about producing entertaining and informative videos while being a solo adventurer and racing adventure bikes.

The interview was held and filmed on 31st July 2018.