Adventure Motorcycling Documentary – Races To Places SE4 EP6 – Nara Dreamland – Urban Exploration

This episode of Races To Places starts off in a small Japanese fishing town named Kisira where Lyndon & Basil Bike meet a lovely family who puts them up for the evening and feeds Lyndon a delicious fish supper. The next morning Lyndon is handed a packed lunch from the family and gets on his way to Cape Sata where the weather is glorious meaning Lyndon can climb up to the top of the cliffs and enjoy the magical view!
The show draws to a close with a visit to Nara Dreamland…an abandoned Japanese theme park that was built in 1961 and inspired by the American Disneyland! With the park fenced off from the public Lyndon throws caution to the wind and ventures into the park, however creaking and strange noises break the eerie silence leaving Lyndon’s heart rate rising!

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