2023 LPR Competition Gets Bigger!

Over half way now and less than 6 weeks till the big draw of the winners of this monster competition. Today we added two more prizes, a total connectivity prize from Shoei, Sena and SP Connect and a complete set of brake disks and pads from Motomaster. All brands that I’ve been working with for years I’m delighted to include them in this competition. Prize draw will be made at the ABR Festival in June, ticket sales are open to anyone, anywhere and you can find out all the info in the links below:
Main competition description: https://lyndonposkittracing.com/lpr-732-factory-rally-adventure-competition/
Ticket page with prize list and details: https://lyndonposkittracing.com/shop/product/lpr732-factoryadventurebike/?r=true&v=04c19fa1e772
Thank you to all those that have already taken part, I cannot wait to pick the winners and contact them to hand over their prizes.
Check out www.lyndonposkittracing.com to browse or get in touch.