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I came away from January’s 2017 race knowing I could have delivered much more for my followers, not in terms of race performance, but with regards to media releases.  After spending years watching the Dakar Rally on TV, social media and various forums, I never quite grasped how much viewers did NOT see and how difficult extensive press coverage was until I attempted to do it for myself!  So, to achieve it, we have to get serious.

In 2017 I participated in ‘Dakar Heroes’ program for the organisation and this, combined with small updates through Facebook and a full length film due for December 25th release, still left me feeling frustrated that you couldn’t experience it all in real time with me. Ten months is long time to wait for a film of the full story!

To undertake such an ambitious media project requires budget. I turn to you asking for help, but I must be clear, this is NOT to fund my entry or bike (that is already taken care of and covered from sponsors and my personal pocket), this funding is solely to enable these media plans and due to the costs associated with this, I have no other option but to try and crowd fund this element to bring it to life.  So, here is where the budget will go:

1) The hire of a Dakar Rally prepared media vehicle and the equipment required to capture footage and edit on the move each day

2) A media crew, experienced in expeditions and documentary based filming and editing.

3) The media licence agreements to use footage filmed from all aspects of the race.

4) Broadcast spec satellite data transmission capability to transfer the footage for distribution and release.

5) Any costs associated with managing and releasing the footage post transmission.

In return for your support my team and I will bring outstanding media, direct from the race, like nothing you have seen before. This is for you! And we can do it with each other’s help. With a little help from you I strongly believe we can create something that followers of the Dakar Rally have wanted and deserved for a long time. It’s thanks to you that I’m doing this, but will you be there with me?

We’ve already hit our donation goal via Kickstarter and are committed to providing live Dakar Rally 2018 race coverage. Conducting high quality media broadcasts in some of the most remote areas on the planet is no simple feat. While Kickstarter has been successful, I am personally still shouldering a significant amount of expenses. Any additional support will be greatly appreciated.


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Donation Total: £10.00

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