There is no substitute to experience when it comes to knowing what is important to finish an international FIM race. First of all you need a bike that can handle the race and we will give you that. All our bikes are prepared to the highest standards. As we receive them new from the factory, they are completely disassembled and checked so that we know you will receive a bike you can rely on.

Sleep is also a very important factor. We provide you with a team that will take care of you and your bike so that you can go the full length of the race with enough rest.

We can also help you with your race preparations in our training weeks in Morocco that we will organize a couple of months before the big race. 

The support vehicles will have all the spares needed for the race. The use of spare parts will be brought in account to the rider at the end of the race. In case of a crash the repairs of the damage will be the responsibility of the rider.

You can watch us sucessfully take part in the Africa Eco Rally 2020 in one of our YouTube Series.

Race With Us