690, SMC, KTM, Cam, Piston, Engine Mods

“2018 for the Asphalt Addiction Race team has been one for the history books for sure.

Perry Prichard, rider #90 decided to use a KTM 690 SMC. which is a bike not typically seen on a road race course competing against larger more powerful sportbikes,  Throughout the season it was clear that the handling of the bike was spot on, but very low on power in comparison to his competition.  So Derek (Team Crew Chief) and Perry decided it was time to start searching for companies that offered performance parts for his KTM.  However, that search was quick and short since there were NONE found in the US.  Then somehow Perry was able to come across a guy by the name of Lyndon Poskitt, who fortunately was a specialist with tons of experience with the KTM 690 bikes.

We reached out to Lyndon and quickly found that he was a GREAT guy to work with and had TONS to knowledge about the bikes and how to make them Stupid Fast.

Over the course of the season Perry and Lyndon spoke on many occasions discussing set up and performance.  It proved to be the PERFECT relationship.  Perry purchased the recommended parts from Lyndon Poskitt Racing, Perry followed the recommendations of Lyndon and ended up with a KTM 690 SMC that would was SAVAGE.

Perry knew he had something special the first time he rode it and then went on to win 6 W.E.R.A. Roadracing Regional Champions and the 2018 “D” Superbike NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Perry Prichard states, “I”ve always had a love for Supermoto bikes and like being different which is why I made the decision to use the KTM 690 SMC for racing this season.  I immediately figured out that I was not only up against some really fast riders, but super fast bikes as well.  I had my work cut out for me, but once I got the help from Lyndon my confidence went through the roof and knew I had a weapon to properly compete.  Yes I did win a ton of races, yes I ended up winning regional championships and a National Championship, but the most important part of all this…I received a great deal of help and support from a great guy.  I could never have done what I did without LPR Performance Parts of the advice from Lyndon himself.  Thank you for all your support”.

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-Asphalt Addiction Race Team