Races to Places Calendar 2020

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This calendar is for the year of 2020 and includes a selection of my favourite photos from my travels around the world along with some insights in words.  5 years, 6 continents, 74 countries, 230,000km and 9 races resulted in over 70,000 photos so the selection process was tough.  Each month has a main image and 5 additional images all relating to different places, races or experiences around the world.  There are descriptions next to each picture explaining what it is and some QR codes linking to Races to Places episodes, playlists and special features throughout. Re-live races to places in your office or home through this one of a kind calendar aimed at giving you inspiration to get out and explore, wherever or however you chose to do it!

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The calendar is printed on heavy weight material with a top quality finish and is spiral bound. We will ship worldwide, please just add to cart and shipping information will come up once you have input your delivery address.

Thank you for your continued following and support as we head into 2020 on full gas.

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