Nova Racing Wide Ratio Gearbox

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The best transmission for adventure riding on the LC4

I’ve been working closely with Nova Racing for years now to provide important feedback on the use of their wide ratio LC4 gearbox in the environment it was designed for ‘Adventure’. I’ve now put over 50,000km on the gearbox in some of the toughest conditions including serious technical adventure riding, rally racing and high speed travel conditions.

After lots of feedback and technical discussions with them, we opted to make some changes and release a Mk2 transmission for future production. I have been testing these changes for the last 12,000km sinceI installed them in #basilbike back in California.

The Mk1 gearbox was great and will continue to serve people who have them really well but the Mk2 is even better. It’s so nice to work with a company that want to continually improve their product and the understanding of how it works in the environment they were designed for.

There are various changes but the most significant are changes to the ratio’s of 1st and 6th gears, pulling them in slightly to reduce the difference to the adjacent gear (2nd and 5th). We also made some changes to the dog designs to improve gear change / shifting in extreme conditions found in off-road racing or extreme adventure riding (such as low speed high load conditions for example).

The changes have been well tested now and the Mk2 gearboxes are ready to ship. To show their appreciation for the work I have contributed to the project, Nova have made me a dealer and the gearboxes are now available from Lyndon Poskitt Racing and all proceeds will go towards #racestoplaces. The gearboxes come completely assembled as shown in the pictures, shot peened and super-finished, ready to install. It is a complete gearbox set with uprated main and output shafts and every component is new and manufactured or carefully selected by the Nova Racing engineers for optimal performance (no KTM OEM parts are used).


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