LPR Spec KTM 732cc LC4 Engine (690/701/Factory Rally)

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Here we have a complete LPR 732cc engine build.  Motor has been completely re-built from the cases up with new everything, full spec below.  It is complete and ready to install into your bike. It is built from a KTM 690 Factory Rally motor but will fit other bikes with minor changes externally.  Can be used in all variants of KTM 690, Husqvarna 701’s (up to 2016) and of course the 690 Factory Rally.

Specification includes:

  • Every single engine bearing replaced for new and all parts inspected and replaced as required.
  • LPR 732cc configuration with new long stroke crank, rod and LPR oversize piston and cylinder.
  • Completely new valve drive and timing assembly including valves and rocker arms
  • LPR high lift long duration camshaft for Performance Adventure (middle of the cams we offer, much stronger than stock)
  • KTM 690 Enduro Spec gearbox (10% wider than Rally Gearbox)
  • LPR modified Heavy Duty 6 spring billet clutch with additional plates
  • LPR 2-piece clutch cover with removable billet KTM racing outer cover

Engine can be supplied to be used with carbureted or fuel injected ignition systems and camshaft can be changed before delivery if you require a different specification.

Please contact us for more information or for any specific build requests.

This engine is not an exchange, you simply pay the money and we ship you the engine via courier.  It’s ready for adventure or race, tried and tested thoroughly on Races to Places.  This is the same specification as Lyndon’s personal engine used on R2P for over 100,000km (just without the Nova wide ratio transmission).


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