Custom Rally and Adventure Motorcycles

We build custom high-end Rally and Adventure motorcycles using a tailored combination of parts from KTM factory bikes, LPR, and best-in-class 3rd party manufacturers. Our bikes are meticulously designed and built for extended performance under extreme conditions.

Whether you are looking to custom build a Rally bike or need a reliable RTW ride, Lyndon Poskitt Racing is the only company which has delivered a motorcycle capable of both competing in International Rallies and traveling the world through some of the most extreme terrain.130,000 miles. Basil bike from Races to Places has validated our unique approach to motorcycle building. Now you have the opportunity to ride an adventure weapon of your own.

All builds begin with a donor factory rally bike which is then modified, upgraded, and tuned to match your individual performance requirements. Transforming your factory bike with our adventure tested, race proven designs requires deep pockets.  Expect to spend between 30,000 Euro and 60,000 Euro for a full build from the frame up delivering what can only be described as the best adventure bike money can buy to your personal specification.

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690 and 450 Rally Bikes

Rex 450 for Motorex in 2017 Dakar Rally


Minna Bike for Matt Work of Piston & Chain

Borris Bike for Walter Colebatch of Sibersky Extreme

690 Rally Engine in 450 Trellis Frame

Super Light 690 Rally

690 Rally with single 450 Rally exhaust

Lyndon’s Personal Collection

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