Lyndon Poskitt Racing is your place for the ultimate motorcycle adventure, equip yourself, challenge yourself, improve yourself, and make memories for life.


Adventurer, World Traveller, Sportsperson & Inspirational Speaker

Dream of racing the Dakar? this is the rally experience without the race!


Seeing the original Paris-Dakar or the present day Dakar or Africa Eco Race, many of us are dreaming of being able to do that one day.

Maybe you are preparing to do just that and need training before the big event, or maybe you are not quite that world class racer but still want to live the experience and conquer those trails on a real factory rally bike. Maybe you just want to feel the rally without the pressure and dangers that go with it.

Looking to race with a team?

Racing is more than just riding a bike. Meticulous preparation is the key to be successful and we at Lyndon Poskitt Racing aim to get all our riders at the finish. You take care of your physical preparation and we take care of the rest.

We are not a factory team, but we certainly aim to get as close as possible. We have proven that in the AER 2020.

Top quality products, tested by us.

We fully stand behind all the products we sell in our shop. They all have been tested, developed or used by Lyndon during years of travelling and racing.

Whether you are looking for high performance pieces for your engine, high quality luggage solutions, LPR branded apparel or even a custom built rally bike, we only sell the highest quality products.

Lyndon is available for event speaking, Tailored to your needs


Lyndon loves to share his experiences and offer guidance and support to others.  He has now presented publicly on every continent in events from his well known show about Races to Places through to business conferences and trade shows.

Whether it’s a fun evening with your motorcycle club you are looking for or some inspirational / motivational elements for corporate events, Lyndon would be happy to discuss your needs and offer a solution. 

We build serious custom adventure bikes, tested and proven by us


We build custom high-end Rally and Adventure motorcycles using a tailored combination of parts from KTM factory bikes, LPR in house components and best-in-class 3rd party manufacturers. Our bikes are meticulously designed and built for extended performance and maximum reliability under extreme conditions.

Upcoming Events

Coming soon with LYNDON POSKITT Racing


With everything from ride experiences, rally training, racing and public appearances, the calendar fills up quickly. This is where you can see our shared calendar and what we are up to next.  Want to book onto one of our adventures or have Lyndon at your event? Simply get in touch.  

Writing About my Experiences


After a hectic lifestyle of working, racing, travelling around the world and making a video series, I decided to share some of my experiences and lessons in a book.  It’s not a fast process but it’s something I would like to complete in my own words.  I’m on with it……



After five and a half years travelling and racing solo, it’s now time to share all my experience with you!

Successful Rallies