From adventure to racing, everyday mile munching to special stage success, Everything is tested hard to work and last.

Lyndon Poskitt Basil Bike


Lyndon himself has travelled the world and raced self-prepared bikes on every continent.

Adventure Bikes

Custom Rally and Adventure motorcycles hand built using a tailored combination of parts from KTM dakar rally bikes, best-in-class 3rd party manufacturers and Lyndon himself. We build the best adventure motorcycle around the 690 KTM rally frame.

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Performance Parts

Race winning engine and chassis components engineered to improve your motorcycle's performance, functionality, and reliability.

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Graphics Design and Printing

We specialise in only the best graphics kits available, printed only on the best materials.  Work with us to design your personal graphics or bring your own design and we’ll do the rest.  We also custom paint bikes and the skies the limit.

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What makes the LPR 732 special?

 Hours of development and testing have developed

 a special engine for the KTM single cylinder trellis chassis

nova racing wide ratio transmission ktm 690
Nova Racing Wide RatioTransmission

Nova Racing WR Transmission

Wide Ratio, Lower 1st for technical riding, Higher 6th for cruising speeds, Stronger Shafts, Stronger Gears, More positive engagement and No more false neutrals. The most positive gearbox ever tested. 

Nova Racing Wide RatioTransmission
730 732 Cylinder Piston KTM 690

732 Piston & Cylinder

Larger Diameter

More CC's 

More Performance


690 Rally Performance Camshaft

Factory Rally Cam

More than any Production Cam

More lift, More duration and More Performance



Stroker Crank

Increased Stroke

More CC's

More Performance

Billet 690 Clutch
KTM 690 Rally Clutch

Billet Clutch

6 Springs for More Friction

No Compromising Production Elements

Increased Strength, More Torque Delivery, Improved Reliability

2 More Plates than stock 690 Enduro


Engine 732 Lyndon Poskitt Factory KTM

Our Approach To Making The Best Adventure Motorcycles

No corner cutting, if a job is worth doing its worth doing right. We only build the best bikes and components capable of taking on the biggest of challenges. Anything but right is not good enough.  

Our Story

Lyndon Poskitt Racing started in 2012 when Lyndon set-about a serious campaign to take on the Dakar Rally as a privateer, around this time his love and passion for Factory Rally and serious adventure really blossomed.  Since he built his first Rally-Adventure bike in 2013, He has gone on to build over 20 bikes and  numerous components, testing and developing them personally through his World Travels and Racing ‘Races to Places'.


KTM 690 Rally Adventure Bike Lyndon Poskitt

I can vouch for Lyndon's bikes, pure magic best adventure bike ever and I tested mine riding it to Mongolia.


It's the best bike I've ever had in 38 years of riding over 100 bikes.

Shaun Merrick

UK to Ulaanbataar
Walter Colebatch Motorcycle

Lyndon isn't kidding when he says you can have whatever level of prep you want ... from a simple "get it ready for an adventure" to "gimme a full rebuild with the works".

Walter Colebatch

Sibirsky Extreme
Adventure bike comparison

When I met Lukas and Lyndon in Mongolia in 2014, Lyndon was on Basil and Lukas was on a 690 with a kit.


The bike is on a different level than a 690 with an aftermarket "adventure" kit and a much better platform for an ultimate adventure bike.

Jeff Girard

live2ridetahoe of AdvRider